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When starting your own business, the right way to approach it is to have one year’s salary saved prior to quitting your day job to be able to focus on starting your own business. The reality is however, this is not the case.

While many books and mentors advise you to take the plunge, quit and focus all in on your own business, how will bills get paid? Well, actually it is quite possible to do both; keeping your full-time job and starting your own business. There are some tips to balancing both, which requires you to be efficient. Some point below includes:

1. No matter the full-time job, it is helping you pay bills, save money for your own business, so look at it that way, a something that is paving the way, not a burden. Entrepreneurs need to invest in themselves first, and that involves money, either from your pay or savings.

2. Make sure that you are organized and plan well, by focusing on the little, consistent things that need do be done. Rid yourself of the distractions and focus your attention on what matters.

3. Make sure to maximize your time because while you full-time job takes up 40 hours each week, figure out how to maximize the remaining hours. Do not forget that sleep is a priority, so that leaves you with 75 hours, give or take, so manage your time wisely.

So figure out today how to better maximize your time and take care of both businesses.

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