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From the moment you consider starting your own business until the day you open the doors, being an entrepreneur is an exciting yet challenging experience. However, there are things that you should keep in mind that will not leave you regretting how you approach entrepreneurship. These include:

Starting and moving too fast
It is important to setup goals, but be sure that those goals are not rushed or you will look back and see the errors of your ways. Patience is key when starting your own business but being smart is another key.

Being too careful
This is the opposite end of the spectrum where you start your business but are unwilling to spend the necessary money in order to position your business. You need to spend money to make money so try to find the perfect science of not too fast (above) and not too slow (here)!

Do Not Burn Bridges
While this may be different as an entrepreneur than an employee, losing touch with a client that results in the relationship ending is essentially burning a bridge, so try your best to balance all your clients in order not to lose any and not have any bridges burned.

Not asking or listening to feedback
No one has the answers to being a perfect entrepreneur from the beginning, it takes time and lessons. That is why, it is important to ask for advice and feedback and listen to advice and feedback given that you can apply to become that perfect entrepreneur that you are striving to be.

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