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How to make your existing customer feedback your company's best salespeople. Studies have showed that a company gets a huge boost to conversions and their bottom line when a new prospect has been impressed with the testimonials written by previous clients.

But, it is not just enough to simply publish the testimonials. You must find a way to be clever about how it is done. Here are some ideas:

1. Know Where to upload the testimonials You need to consider where you will be placing your client testimonials and be sure to make them be seen by new clients. Links to “View Our Testimonials…” on the homepage are a start, but try treating the testimonial tab by a contact tab, very prominent.

2. Match unassisted leads with client testimonials Do not merely publish testimonials from previous customers on a landing page—make them relevant to incoming prospects. This can be done by creating a landing page that you will be advertising through an SEM campaign that will include the testimonial on it.

3. Cherry Pick the finest ones If you are building your own testimonials page, spend some time thinking about the ones worth publishing and the ones not worth publishing.

Whatever you approach, if you have genuine testimonials, make sure they are front and centre for them to be that unassisted salesperson.

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