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YouTube is everywhere, who has not heard of it, and it is the second most popular search engine in North America, only after Google. That is a lot of possible exposure and visibility for both SEO & Social engagement opportunities. However, there are more platforms beyond YouTube for your video SEO and social strategy:

1) Instagram
While most use Instagram for photo sharing, video is the long-term focus of both Instagram and Instagram users

2) Vine and Periscope
Vine, having over 40 million members already and Periscope, having 10 million members, both have a unique approach towards video advertising. Both of these services are owned by Twitter, encourage video sharing in a positive light instead of force feeding videos and view on all social media platforms.

3) Pinterest
With 73 million users, Pinterest recently added video ads as a form of "Cinematic Pins." These videos work in a creative way: they will only begin playing when a user stops scrolling past them.

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