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As an entrepreneur, you can feel like it is always a challenge when it comes to generating interest in the digital world. The budget is smaller compared to a bigger competitor, and we do not have the large team of marketers that we can employ. So for a small business like your own, against challenging odds, continue to try carving out a piece of the market pie. Below are some tips on how:

1. Facebook Remarketing
Facebook is one of the great promotion tools for both a small business in either a B2B or B2C industr, but by remarketing audiences in Facebook, all you need to do is installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site that will continue to market your customers visiting your site.

2. Facebook email custom audiences
Another great tool on Facebook, is giving your email list a second life and instead of blasting emails to your customers the odd time, you are now able to upload that list onto your Facebook page then capture the social accounts with the email address attached to it.

3. Twitter remarketing
Twitter remarketing works similarly to Facebook remarketing. Same thing, install a pixel and that allows you to target your sites visitors on Twitter.

4. Twitter custom audiences
You can also target Twitter users within their mobile devices by uploading emails onto Twitter.

So go ahead and take advantage of the social media tools available to small businesses in order for you to generate more traffic to your website and hopefully with your website constructed in such a way that traffic gets converted into inquiries and ultimately sales.

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